Advertiser FAQ

From what budget can i start advertise on Cpm Affiliation?

The minimum budget to start a campaign is 1€.

Can i target my ad ?

Yes, by website thematic and/or by country, region or city.

Can I adjust the capping ?

Yes, from 1 to +3 by day.

Can I set a daily budget ?

Yes, you just need to indicate that the CPM budget you want to spend per day.

Is the system secure against fraud ?

Yes many security systems have been put in place with Cpm Affiliation.

Do i have access to statistics ?

Yes of course, you have access to the statistics of your campaign in real time with Cpm Affiliation.

How to track my flash campaigns ?

To track clicks on your ad in Flash format (SWF), CpmAffiliation uses the standard proposed by Adobe clickTAG. To learn more about this standard, please consult the specification of our partner Adobe