We already display 18.313.986.774 targeted ads on 119.972 partner publishers,
to an audience of more than 30.000.000 Unique Visitors per month !

Your website needs customers ?

CPM Affiliation works hard for you to better target your future visitors.

  • Advertise from € 1 budget and € 0.05 CPM.

  • You can targeting :

      - Site category
      - Geolocation (Country, region, and/or city)
      - Devices (computer, tablet, mobile)
      - and/or OS (Windows, Mac, Android, etc...)

  • Protection anti-robot, proxy, Tor ...
    10 €
    >>  DAFTAR  <<

    Untuk pendaftaran di Cpm Affiliation! Dan jika Anda lihat, kami juga menawarkan € 10 untuk setiap referal Anda mencapai ambang pembayaran.


    CpmAffiliation is an advertising network which pay you at Cost Per Mil (CPM) every visit on your website.

    It does not matter what country your visitors come from, or how many pages they visit, every display advertising will be paid on Cpm.

  • CPM automatic optimization to maximize your earnings

  • Real-time statistics

  • Payment from € 50

  • 8 advertising formats (Banners and Website-under)

  • CPM Minimum Guarantee (with tag replacement)

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